The Peel Children's Aid speakers - Geer Harvey and Greta Liupakka spoke to us about the service they provide to the community and their mandate to protect children against abuse and neglect, and help parents and caregivers build healthy family environments.   Unfortunately, many people have a negative opinion of Peel Children's Aid ("they take our children away from us"), but this is not the case.   When Aid workers receive a phone call - often from professionals who are concerned about a child's welfare, they investigate and decide on a course of action.  Aid workers' first preference is to keep the child within the family unit i.e. in the care of grandparents, or other relatives whenever possible, and provide support and resources to parents, caregivers and foster parents.  They also spoke about domestic violence, in most cases against women.  However, domestic violence spans race, gender, professions and class.  Thank you to Geer and Greta for sharing this information with our club.