On July 15, 2011, we had a very interesting Classification Speech by one of our members.  D'Arcy Gibson, a charter member of this club, gave his (re-)Classification Speech, outlining his personal history for the club members.

D'Arcy related his upbringing in Barbados, offering a brief history of the country and telling us how he left school at 14 and went to work, paying for extra tutoring.  At 16, he became a bookkeeer on a plantation; at 20, D'Arcy emigrated to Canada -- on Feb 1 1957, he landed in Montreal.  Adjusting to his new life in Canada was challenging at first; however, he enrolled in Concordia University while working and ended up in the insurance industry via a chance meeting in the unemployment line. 

In 1960 he started at $250/month on commission.  D'Arcy took insurance courses, then worked as an insurance broker, eventually leaving that company to form his own insurance company, Johnson, Gibson & Brown Ltd.

 In 1973, he moved to Ontario and ended up in the Meadowvale area, starting Meadowvale Insurance Brokers.  D'Arcy sold the business 10 years ago (2001).

In 1958, D'Arcy met his future wife, Erna. They were married 3 years later and had 3 kids.